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Found Scar Doctor In Dallas/fort Worth

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Hello all, it's been a long time since I was on this forum. I went to see a cosmetic dermatologist (Dr. Alexander Berlin of Arlington, Tx) today for my skin issues. He and his staff are great. Dr. Berlin didn't make me feel completely beyond repair and he spent A LOT of time with me. I mean almost an hour answering my questions. I felt very at ease even though I was discussing a sensitive subject. Most importantly, he offers many options for treating scars. He performs subcision, TCA peels, has an array of lasers and also does LaViv. I also think he performs skin needling. He said it works for all you Derma Rollers out there. He told me he didn't think I would get the improvement I am looking for from subcision but said he would do it anyway if that is what I wanted. Then, I think I will have a TCA peel(s) or laser procedure. He said that I should see very good improvement from resurfacing. He did know about PRP but seemed leery of it. However, I got the impression that he is someone that will really try to work with you if you find something that maybe he doesn't do or hasn't heard of. Or at the very least I feel like he is the type of person to want to learn more whether he chooses to make it part of his arsenal of scar fighting or not. He has even co-authored a book about acne and rosacea in which there is an acne scar section. So, to sum up, if anyone is in the North Texas area and needs some direction about a doctor, I would recommend checking him out. Maybe in a few months I will be able to post some positive results. :) Good Luck to everyone.

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