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Diagnosed With Kp, Then Folliculitis, Now Acne?

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Okay so I am a 24 year old female. I had moderate acne from the time I was about 10 years old, initially on my face. Then I started getting back acne when I was about 13. By about 14 I began breaking out in red bumps on my legs, starting at the backs of my knees. Now my face is virtually completely clear (sometimes get a pimple or two on my chin - very infrequent), however my body breakouts persist. I typically have a couple of pimples on my back, but the worse breakouts are on my butt and thighs (mainly the undersides). In the past these breakouts on my legs and butt have been diagnosed as keratosis pilaris, then folliculitis. However, my current nurse practitioner diagnosed it as acne. I see traits of infection as well as traits of kp - I may have both? I have the tiny hard red bumps of kp but also a lot of larger, inflamed pustules. I am wondering if anyone has had breakouts on the butt/legs diagnosed as acne? It seems to always get diagnosed as folliculitis. I have never had the strains of bacteria tested or cultured or whatever. In the past (some years back) my entire body and face responded well to oral antibiotics, which I am just now starting again so I am optimistic about treatment working either way, but I was wondering if anyone has had butt/leg breakouts diagnosed as acne? What's the difference between body acne and bacterial folliculitis?

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