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What Do You Think? (Pic)

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Was wondering if you could help me determine what kind of acne I have. Mild? Moderate? It certainly seems inflammatory. Sometimes they fill and come to a head (pustules?) and sometimes they don't (papules?). They tend to leave behind a significant amount of hyperpigmentation.

Has anyone else had acne that looks like mine and found a successful, permanent treatment? I have had breakouts for ten years with increasing severity. I am 30 years old. The picture below is only of my chin, I cropped it so I couldn't be recognized, ha. My forehead looks pretty much the same with my cheeks and nose being essentially clear. My chest is pretty much clear at this point also but I have moderate-severe acne on my back.

I am on topical and oral antibiotics now as well as the birth control pill, seeing mild improvement. Have been on retinoids in the past. Have refused Accutane twice but reconsidering, any advice?

Thanks in advance and best to you all! rolleyes.gif



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