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How To Prevent / Mitigate Icepick Scars?

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I had a small pimple on my forehead that I ended up popping. It scabbed up and I stupidly removed it by accident while showering completely forgetting it was there. What was left was a big red recess in the middle of my forehead. I'm afraid that it might become a deep icepick scar. I have no icepick scarring at all on my forehead so it's very noticeable. It's been a day now and the redness has reduced and a new scab has formed but I can tell that it might heal as an icepick scar due to the scab not being level with my skin. Is there any type of treatment or cream that I can use to try and get it to prevent scarring or make it seem less apparent? This is doing terrible things to my self esteem. GAH!

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