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Facial While On Tretinoin 0.025

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Hello I am now into the middle of my second week of tretinoin cream. I do not know if this is the start of the inital breakout or what, but I am noticing that I am getting a lot of clogged pores on my cheeks, as well as having many small pimples forming on my forehead which is an area where I previously did not have much of a problem. I wanted to know if anyone here has gotten a facial to get the clogged pores extracted? I feel as though this may make the healing process quicker but am not sure. Also, I am currently using clindamycin wipes in the mornings and every night before applying my tretinoin. Do you think this will help with fending off the inital breakout? I was also on keflex for a week because of a sinus infection and I believe it actually made the appearance of my acne greatly improve compared to before. Does being on an oral anitbiotic also make using tretinoin easier?

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