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Can I Do A Cleanse/detox While On Accutane?

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Hi guys,

I'm currently in my third month of accutane at 70mg a day. To be honest, I've been having a pretty mild experience. I didn't get an IB, no dry skin, and my pores got smaller and my pimples stopped almost immediately. I SHOULD note that I don't have severe acne, I have moderate but VERY persistent adult acne, and my derm put me on accutane because absolutely nothing else was working on me.


Because of the Christmas break I've spent the past few weeks eating terribly and once the new year hit I realized I needed to get back into my old routine, because I'm usually a very healthy eater, especially since my acne started a couple years ago. Every January and every summer I do a Renew Life Herbal 7 Day Detox/Cleanse..its an all-natural week long cleanse that always kinda cleans me up (makes me feel better haha) and is a nice way to kick start a healthy eating routine.

Two days ago I started this cleanse as usual, and I honestly didn't even THINK about it messing up my accutane treatment or interacting, because it is an all-natural detox and I'm so used to my accutane now that I sometimes forget I'm on it.

However, since starting the cleanse, I've noticed that my face has become RIDICULOUSLY dry. All over. I don't know if this is because the cleanse is interacting negatively with my accutane or if I'm finally seeing accutane side effects and its just coincidental that they started as I began my 7 day cleanse.

I guess I'm just wondering (I probably should've asked this before aha...) if its okay for me to be doing a cleanse like this while on accutane? Or should I not be putting anything like this in my body while I'm on such a heavy duty medication?



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Hey! any news on this! I was also thinking of doing a cleanse to try to stop my dairy/wheat/sugar cravings that Christmas brought back ....

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