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Finally Making Progress Through Diet And Sa

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Firstly I would just like to say hello and thank you for all the information I have picked up here over the past few months. During this time I have grown increasingly conscious and irritated by my bacne and so began scouring the web for solutions. Most of these were quick fixes for people who have a zit the day before prom and are 'freaking out', but then I found this place. It has helped reading the numerous pieces of information dotted around throughout the forum and thanks to the fact that there is an active community you seem to get a well rounded argument for the do's and dont's of treating acne.

Anyway, enough of that for now. I just felt the urge to post my account of things as I am pretty sure this is the best my back has felt in quite some time (and the rest of me for that matter). As a 22 year old male I have recently undertaken a clean diet. No precessed foods, no added sugars. Essentially, fruit, veg, meat and whole-grains and wheats. I had tried pretty much everything else (minus accu) and the last stand would be completely rectifying my diet. I had made some changes in years past due to being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 19, but never fully committed, occasionally indulging on a curry with the girlfriend or family. No more of that though, I have eradicated all rubbish from my diet and I can honestly say that my skin feels fantastic.

At the same time as my diet switch I also ordered the Body Clear SA wash which I believe in conjunction with the diet has been helping everything along nicely. I did have the purging period (some still remains but is vanishing quickly) but I have read that this is a good sign.

I will say that it has been quite a struggle getting my daily target of calories (2440) on this diet but I have now found a way:

Here is yesterdays food diary. I understand there is probably a lot I can do to improve it so if you have any advice please feel free to share it.


All Bran (70g)

Semi-Skimmed milk (150 ml)

2 Large eggs (scrambled)


Leek, onion and sweet potato soup

1 red pepper

Sweet corn (25g)

Wholegrain pasta (125g)


Brazil nuts (5)


Sweet potato

Whole chicken (200g)

Carrots (boiled, 50g)

Spinach (50g)





Peanut butter (Whole Earth)

Natural Yoghurt

And a ton of water

I am really just looking for any pointers on this really but for the most part it seems to be working.

I plan to keep this up as not only have I seen improvements in my skin but also I have shed what little fat I had (I am pretty slim but had an ale belly tongue.png). I did used to have facial acne but now I just get the odd spot from time to time. My complexion is vastly improving though. On my face I just use the Liz Earl male face wash. It is fantastic!

Having typed all this out I am starting to question it's point but I think more than anything it is just to share my experience and throw another opinion/story out there.

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