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U.k Supplies

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Hi guys.

Long time regimen user here.

What i want to do is to get a good round up of a cleaner, B.P product and moisteriser. I know there is a pinned section on this matter but from 2006. Essentially old news

I typically use the products but it is getting too expensive to ship to the U.K. My last order i got stiffed with a bad import tax.

Anyway my U.K regimen

Cleanser: Oxy daily face wash

Quinoderm 5%

Moisteriser: Eucerin Replenishin night cream 5% urea ( there is a day cream but i prefer the night one)

Now the above works okay, it is decent but not great. My skin is quite oily with this combo

So does anyone have any better suggestions on products within the u.k?

Formerly Nicky D

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