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Advice...dermarolling/stamping Or Tca Peels

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Hi guys,

First post on here, but been lurking for a while...

My issue is red/dark marks.

Just a few things I already do

1. I don't get much sun exposure and do wear SPF.

2. I take Omega-3, Vitamin C, Zinc, heard they are all good for scarring/inflammation

3. I have started using aloe vera gel at night.

4. I use glycolic acid toner 5%

5. I use hydraluronic serum day and night

6. I have ordered rosehip oil also; will only use this at night I think.

7. I will be starting weekly lactic acid at home peels (30%).

8. Have order ACV although no idea how I am going to stick this into my routine.

9. I stopped using BP 3 months ago.

My questions are

a) Should I start using a TCA peel in a few months? Where can I buy a 12.5% one in the UK?

b) Or should I go down the dermarolling route? Or is that better for wrinkles/deep scarring?

c) Will time actually make a difference?

d) Any other options?

These photos have just made me really depressed and I hate wearing make-up, I just want clear skin...





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Peels should work. Just be extra careful doing them yourself.

33 years old
Caucasian Female
Medium Skin Tone
Cystic and Superficial Acne on Lower cheeks/Jaw
Severe hyperpigmentation to cheeks and Jaw

Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser
Cetaphil Moisturizer

Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser
Retin-A Micro .08%
Spiro 100mg

Last regimen attempt before I throw in the towel and just learn to embrace horrible acne. 

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Exact same problem with me, even worse !

If I add lemon juice on the face will it help ?


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