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What Is Happening To My Skin?

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Im 15, and up until last year I had mild- moderate acne, but I had managed to get rid of it by eating healthily- cutting out sugary foods, and using zineryt, a prescribed acne treatment. My skin had been mostly clear, apart from the occasional spot, and a few small marks left from spots.

Last week I had a very big pimple that would`t go away! I popped it with a pin and it is pretty much gone, except for a red mark. sad.png Since then my skin has been breaking out with very small pimples, (mostly around and on my nose). I have been applying zineryt, washing my face twice a day and using toner and moisturizer and not eating sugary foods, yet new little pimples are appearing every day! Most of them are barely noticeable, but i afraid that they will grow. my skin is also getting very itchy, and I dont know what to do! I`m hoping that its just a one off breakout, and my skin will be clear again before I go to school. Do you have any ideas what could be causing this, or what I can do to stop it? Its really worrying me. I hope that my acne isn`t coming back!

Thanks, Abby smile.png

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