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Accutane Prep

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Hello fellow accutaners!

So after my last visit to a very good derm, who I waited for a month to get into, I am throwing up after taking the antibiotic he prescribed me.

So i have decided that its time to take the plunge to accutane.

Im 26 y/o female.

I have done some research on the derms in my area that prescribe accutane and i am going to be making an appt asap.

My question is for those females that are on accutane - i want to try to avoid the 3 month wait period that I have heard about with birth control and pregnancy tests.

what can i do to speed this up? - does the doctor need any proof that I am on birth control? and could I bring a pregnancy test to my appointment?

thanks in advance

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I haven't heard of a three month wait period... I know there is a one month period in between your first two pregnancy tests before you can start. And they provide the pregnancy tests. At least for me, my first one I had to pee in a cup but all the others are in the blood work they do once a month.

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