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Oily Skin Foundation/moisturiser Over 10% Bp

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I am looking for a foundation for oily skin I can use over 10% BenZac (Aussie brand) with very oily skin. I started using BP products years ago and have gradually increased the strength over the years so now I am using 10% Benzac. I've found it's the only thing which has kept my cystic acne and exceedingly oily skin in check. With Benzac my skin is still oily but not like it was in the past. I tried the Acne.og products when I visited the US and found the ingredients in the product irritated my skin dreadfully as it dried (even though I had been using Benzac in Australia for a very long time and was up to using the 5% in Australia) and left a very unpleasant residue which was harder to get rid of/cover up with makeup than the Benzac. I also object to the "just use more" idea of "The Regimen", which is obviously just a way of increasing the dose without increasing the strength of the product. It's financially prohibitive if you live outside of the US. I donated my bottle to a hostel in Washington, because I was so sick of carrying it in my luggage.

I have tried using Clinique anti-blemish solutions but I find the density of the pigment clumps over the Benzac, causing patches to be thickly covered and others not at all, whether I use a brush, my hands or a sponge. I don't moisturise because my skin is so oily that even with the Benzac's strength I have never needed to. If other people have tried this over a moisturiser which sits well on oily skin and the Benzac, I would be very interested to know.

I definitely do not have any kind of "combination" skin. It is just oily, which is why I use the Benzac at such a high strength. If I lived in another part of the world this may not be so much of an issue because the weather would also be cooler, but especially right now in a (Queensland) Aussie summer, I am totally stumped on what to wear on the face on my skin, because by the end of the day anything I put on just melts off. I also have many freckles, which I don't want to cover up thickly.

I am probably looking for a non-existent unicorn product, but I figure this would be the place to find out if one such thing exists.

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