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My First Visit To Derm

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My acne was back in late July and I have never been clear since then.cry.gif I still have no idea why i got them. Most of them are on my chin and cheeks.

In the past five months, I have tried many things to get rid of my acne. I tried dairy free,natural remedies, oil pulling and Chinese medicine. I only noticed that my chin got better but my cheeks got much much worse.

Today, I just couldn't take it any more and I visited the derm this morning. He said my new breakouts were pretty bad. )'; He prescribed antibiotics and gel for me.

Tetralysal 300mg once per day

Metronidazole twice per day

Dalacn T Gel once per day (in the morning)

Calamine Lotion once per day (before bed)

I hope they can help my face get clear. Acne is so ANNOYING!

All I can do now is hoping for the best and trying not to pick my face.

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Today, I paid my second visit to the derm.

My face is getting better but I still have lots of hypigmentation.

These are what he prescribed me:

Tetralysal 300mg


Dalacin t gel

Skinoren cream (zed azelaic acid 200mg)

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