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My Acne Ends Up Being A Scar Without Doing Anything With It

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i dont know how did that happen

1st day  - theres a red pimple appear on my face

2nd day - still waiting to be gone by itself

3rd day - i feel like theres a dried pus INSIDE my pimple 

4th day - the dried pus is trying to get out of the pimple so it created a hole to get out

5th day - now my pimple have a hole 

6th day - my pimple has flatten itself leaving a red scar (scar made by the pus who comes out of it)

now i dont get it....they say it will be gone at time but ,, but mine ends up being a scar

and i thought pus will only come out when i pop a pimple,,,,but it weirdly comes out of the pimple by itself

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Next time try icing and put some aloe vera gel. Go to a derm and get a topical retinoid or something. Also treat ur acne internally through diet and supplements.

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