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My Isotretinoin Claravis Logs

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I'm so f-ing happy i found you guys, i am not happy that you guys are suffering but that i can relate to you(s)

I have been taking Iso for around 1 month now and all was going ok as my forehead was covered in spots.

Only last week my cheek exploded with bumpy red spots with white dots.

My chin also is covered with these spots.

My lips are dry and the right side of my lips is cracked up so much that I can't fully open my mouth.

I have had a few nose bleeds but only a few last month.

I try to shave but it absolutely stings so bad that i must stop.

My forehead has gone down though.

I usually wake up in the middle of the night and scratch my face as the spots are really irritating.

I will provide a further update next week.

Thanks guys.

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