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I Don't Want To Lose Hope

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First, I apologize for my English because I do not know well. (thanks to google translate eusa_pray.gif ...)

I am here because unfortunately in Italy there are few and confusing information about acne. Do not yet know this forum and I could direct me to the topic that might help me in my situation. Let me tell you my story:

17 years in the summer I had the first outburst of acne, moderate. I went to the dermatologist and I have used creams, to no avail. I did some analysis to find cysts in the ovaries and I had not.

I started using the pill Diane and I had immediate results, the skin was completely clean, so I continued for 6 years.

At 23 I stopped Diane (for one year), and acne came back, I did some analysis and I also had cysts in the ovaries.

Unfortunately, 4 months I have reinitiated Diane because acne was ruining my skin, and acne is gone again.

This is my story in brief. I would not take the pill because I am convinced that is causing psychological problems, depression, acne, however, at the same time I would feel bad, with low self-esteem.

My gynecologist told me that it is a hormonal problem and can be solved only with the pill, I would find a different answer here.

I want to find a diet that had a confirmation in others with hormonal problems like me (ie cysts and excessive male hormones).

I noticed that the milk and dairy products worsen my acne but I would like someone in my situation could give me some more information.

I'm afraid to stop Diane, because the year of suspension gave me the signs, but it was the most peaceful years of my life, despite hurting themselves on an aesthetic level.

Tell me that you can find a solution, I'm losing hope.

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use zinc methionine 60 mg a day it cleared me in a week

also use lactobacillus reuteri it is a bacteria that you eat which naturally produces an antibacterial

use vitamin d a study showed that after 3 months it nearly cleared 50% of people and 76% of people saw a great improvement

use sudocream, a zinc oxide product which will dry out your acne it is shown to have the same effectiveness as bp over an 8 week period but does not cause redness and dryness of the skin

use evening primrose oil on your face or borage oil it has linoleic acid which will has been shown to decrease oil production by 50% after 1 month and decrease the size of microderms by 25% after 1 month

if you have any other questions pm me

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