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Thoughts On My Acne And Scarring?

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These are photos of both of my cheeks, obviously the flash adds to the redness but it gives a close up look at the skin.

Basically two dooctors told me that the likelihood of me getting scars is highly unlikely, and i had a few dents in my skin that i was worried about, the doctors told me that they would fill back in, and fortunatley they did. Now a dermatologist has told me that i have scars which are dents, and basically said the dents wont go, i didnt mention what the other doctors said because i forgot. This is confusing becauese ive had dents before that faded away in weeks and im basically hoping that these will go away just like all others did, they arent very deep at all and i just want to hear peoples thoughts on this matter.

PS: Im currently taking Lymecilin(or something like that) and Epiduo cream.

Will the dents go and leave my skin as it was?

Or will they stay there on my skin?

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