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Two More Tries Before Accutane

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As I've stated in previous threads, I've tried almost everything to rid of acne.. Spent over $20,000 easy on multiple laser surgeries, supplements, medications, etc.

The only thing I really didn't try yet is accutane. I'm a bodybuilder and the side effects of accutane might effect my workouts which is why I've avoided it for so long.

Over the past year or so I've been going 1 month without a certain type of food that might be causing the acne.. I've tried coffee, nuts, dairy, fructose, etc.... The only things I didn't try yet (that I think might be causing the acne) are gluten, red meat and insulin spikes.

My question is, are any of these things a possible trigger?

1 - A month without red meat is easy so I might try this first.

2 - A month without gluten might be a bit harder but if it has a chance at clearing acne I'm all for it.

3 - A month without high insulin spikes will be really tough..

FYI - I only get acne around mouth. My forehead never had acne before and my cheeks are clear.

Any responses are greatly appreciated.


(inb4 "stop training!" ... Acne has been a problem for me long before I started training. In addition I took time off to see if my training caused my hormones to go crazy, triggering acne.... no relation).

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