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Eczema On Face? (Pic)

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Anyone has already dealer with that? I went to the derm who said I had mild acne/eczema, problem is that my acne usually appear on top of my red skin which makes it hard to treat.

Here is how it looks like without Duac/Differin

When on Duac

Pimples free, but redness is making me crazy!

I thought it was Seb Derm, but derm said Mild Eczema and prescribed me Ketoderm cream 2% for 4 weeks twice day.

I'm kind of confident that the ketoderm will works but scared to see what is going to happen when I will drop it.

Thinking about buying; http://reviews.aveen...ews/reviews.htm

which has a tons of good reviews, so I could use it as a moisture before going to bed.

It's been 2 years that I'm dealing with that, kind of tired, treating acne very easily but haven't find anything to treat that.

In fact, I think the eczema is the root of my acne. I don't have eczema anywhere else tho.

thanks for helping, would like advice!

edit: the ointment with the Ketoderm cream had also a 1% hydrocortisone mixed with, so I don't want to use it longer than 2 weeks

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Can't see the photos, will you upload them again? I actually was born with eczema, the older I got, the less severve it got, by the time I was 16 I barely had any symptons, did get flare-ups when I ate the stuff I was allergic to though. Anyway, I started getting acne two years ago, managed to get rid of it but ever since then I have terrible skin, it's been two years and my skin stayed exactly the same, red, itchy, burning sensation, lot of red marks, it's just like nothing I've ever seen before, sometimes looks like roseacae subtype 2, sometimes it looks like just post-inflammatory acne hyperpigmantation, I'm really desperate to know what is it so I can know how to treat it properly, dermatologists I've been seeing are useless.

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