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Hiddy Cheeks

Looking For A Good Acne Scar Doctor In Australia Or New Zealand

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I've decided it's time to do something about the hideous scarring on my cheeks. I need to find a good derm or a good plastic surgeon who has alot of experience and skill in treating acne scars. I live in NZ but would be prepared to travle to Oz if necessary. I'm having no luck locating an expert here, and trying before you buy is not really an option when they all charge betwen $200-300 for an initial consultaiton. So if there are any other scarred up antipodeans out there that can help me in my quest please let me know. So far as treatments go I'm mostly interested in silicone microdroplets, subcision combined with a filler, preferably something permanent like Aquamid, or possibly excision. If anyone knows of a good doctor in Oz or NZ please let me know. Cheers.

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