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Really Good Natural Soap!

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These bar soaps are made of 100% natural ingredients (i think) Anyways...

My skin is VERY sensitive. I have a lot of allergies that make me break out, including soap. A nice old lady recomended I use lavender, so I did some browsing, and discovered this.

Its Pre de Provence. In lavender.

I use it for many different things. You can do a quick wash in the morning] by lathering up your hands and gently rubbing onto your face. It has a tightening effect.

One thing I found rather AMAZING is that well, when I'm in the shower I tend to pick my blackheads and other pimples. After my shower, I'll lather this up on my face and leave it on for about 5 minutes. It has a REALLY COOL tightening effect!!! I mean, it ALMOST completely closes up the pimples you just poped!

Also, If you have white heads... it dries them up and some of the skin my dry and crisp off. This is a good thing since most of us don't like crusty white heads on our face when we go out.

I'd imagine it helps with scarring. I have a lot of scarring and after I use it, my skin looks a lot fresher and healthier.

DOES NOT WORK FOR EXISTING CYSTS, but rather the scarring that remains AFTER the cyst has gone down.

My regimine is using Clerasil Blackhead scrub with microbeads, and then applying the lavender lather for a minute, then rinsing with luke-warm water.

This stuff does miracles... Either way, i sugest you try it, work it into your own routine, but I'm sure you'll be happy.


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I love natural soaps. My favorite is the soaps from the Ebay store 'New Dawn'. 99% natural and they actually work to an extent.

Currently clear of acne with the occasional hormonal breakout. Check out my routines and progress updates here:

Treat yourself as you treat others.

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