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Tea Tree Oil For Mild Acne?

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I have closed comedones (flesh colored bumps/under-the-skin whiteheads) all along my chin. That's really the only major acne I have besides the occasional zit in a random spot on my face. I've tried many products and even began taking birth control because I thought it was hormonal (still unsure). I started using 100% tea tree oil on the problem area for the past 2 nights. Will this rid my acne? If anyone has used tea tree oil or has/had a similar issue please help!

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I think tea tree works wonders for some people. I used it a lot and it cleared my acne in combination with cleansers and face masks. I wouldn't use neat tea tree oil though as this can irritate the spots.

I used all products from Lush to clear my skin so am a total convert. I would recommend getting the Tea Tree Toner Water and Grease Lightning (this is a tea tree oil serum that you apply on the spots).

Good luck,

Kirsty x

Kirsty (32), hormonal acne sufferer.
Isotrex Gel 0.05% (6/1/17)
Supplements - Agnus Castus + Omega 3


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