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Effects Of Long Term Bp Use?

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Hi, I've been using BP for two years now about, and it tends to work well. I don't strictly follow the regimen because I'm too lazy (i.e I don't use moisturizer or cleanser, and I try to apply BP twice a day but I end up missing applications sometimes) but I'm generally happy with the results. BP makes my acne manageable. However, I do notice that when I miss a few applications in a row, I break out pretty badly. I haven't gone more than a day or two without applying in a long time, and I'm wondering what the long term effects of this might be. Specifically, I'm wondering if one can naturally "grow out of" acne while on the regimen. Has this happened to anybody here? I'm 19 and hoping to not have bad acne sometime relatively family has no history of adult acne and I don't want to be afflicted by it. I also don't want to be on the regimen for the rest of my dang life.

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