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White Ingrown Pimple/bumps After Shaving

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Fixed! I just changed into a trimmer and all the white bumps are gone! Even when I tried to use tweezers, I got ingrown hair from my hair curling inside my skin clogging the pores. Now with the trimmer, the shave is almost as close as a razor and I haven't got an ingrown hair since I switched to the trimmer.

Razor: Gillette Fusion Power Razor

Shaving Cream: Gillette Fusion HydraGel, Clear Skin Shave Gel With Aloe

Extras: Jojobo Oil (Pure 100%)

Acne Regime:

Neutrogena Power-Cream Wash, Oil-Free Acne Stress Control - Twice a day

Neutrogena Triple-Action Toner Oil-Free Acne Stress Control - Twice a day

Neutrogena Power-Clear Scrub, Oil-Free Acne Stress Control - Two times a week

Jojobo Oil - Not sure if this is helping or making it worst since the Neutrogena products reduces oil build-up

Neutrogena UltraSheer Sunblock - After the Jojobo Oil

I used to have terrible acne growing up. All over my cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. It has been a lot better now though. The only problem I have left to deal with are these white bumps on my face which seems to happen every time I shave. I get white bumps only around the areas that I shave the very next day waking up.

I have always used razors that you buy from supermarkets like razor disposables or the cartridges disposables ones. For about a couple of months now I have been using the Gillette Fusion Power razor and I still get red bumps which turn into a little white circle on my face (around the moustache and chin area). If the white circle stays on my face where I shave for the entire day, all I have to do is strech my mouth and it looks like pus comes out. It's hurts too sometimes when I talk because of these things. Not sure if they are called whiteheads, pimples, ingrown hair...

I have to shave every three days because it's a rule at my job but I'm tired of these ingrown hair problems. I start off but getting out of the shower after a warm shower. I use a hot face towel (not burning hot) and let it sit on my face for about twenty seconds and then begin adding Gillette Fusion shaving cream. I massage it all over my face and sometimes I add in Jojobo Oil while I massage the areas I need to shave. I would shave the direction the hair is growing. Since all my hair is facing downwards. I shave that direction if that makes sense. I was just thought to do that ever since I started using a razor... I would clean the razor after each GENTLE stroke. I don't strech my face when I shave either. I would apply my acne products about 10 minutes after I shave.

Am I doing anything wrong? I don't know if Jojobo Oil counts as an aftershave... I don't know an aftershave that won't cause breakouts so I'm worried to buy a random one. Any recommendation on razors? I read somewhere on this forum earlier that Merkur safety razors are nice but no idea how to use one. Any feedback that Merkur is something I should invest in? I wouldn't mind a trimmer but not sure if those give close shaves? I was looking at this one here at Walmart and this one by Wahl. I have pretty dry skin in the winter and super oily skin in the summer. I just want a nice shave without the ingrown hairs coming out each time because it leaves red marks on my face afterwards for about a week :/ Oh I'm Asian but not sure if that matters or not.


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i stopped using jojoba oil as it started causing me problems. i used it when i shaved with an electric razor. i dry shave with my electric razor and use the cool fix as my "after shave" helps keep the bumps down. best thing ive used for that and acne. it has 2% SA and 10% GA. stings a bit but works. to me i think you are using to much SA products as thats all Neutrogena's line anyway.. so my conclusion is too much of a good thing causing an over production of oil, specifically after you shave. its a delicate balance your skin is.

i avoid razors with blades as they irritate skin and it doesnt matter which gel, cream, or prep i did it didnt work for me. so maybe try something different. idk

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Use Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel and be sure to not shave against the grain. Also consider using a razor with less blades. I think a double-edged safety razor is best.

Also, consider seeing a dermatologist. You might ave something other than razor bumps but has similar symptoms.

Irritated after shaving? Spending a fortune on fancy razor cartridges? Learn How to Shave Like Your Grandpa!

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