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Wheatgrass Juice

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I've been taking wheatgrass juice for over a week now. Now, I know people are gonna say that's not long enough of a time to see any real improvement, but hey it's working for me! First off, for all the skeptics out there, wheatgrass juice is an amazing all-natural healer. It heals your acne from the inside out, provides an alkaline environment so that bacteria cannot thrive, and increases red blood cells so oxygen can flow throughout the body to supply different organs the proper nutrients and vitamins. It detoxes the body amazingly. I have very, VERY low iron. Usually my hands are pale and lifeless (no color). A week of drinking this my palms are pink and red. Even my mom has commented on how much healthier I'm looking. As far as acne goes, it has helped to bring some of my pimples to the surface but not to the point that I am turned off of drinking it. The toxins have to come out one way or another, right? Mainly, they come out through urine and stool. For all the ladies out there, I've been drinking this while it being my "time of the month" and it really has worked. Be prepared for heavy blood flow...the wheatgrass will be clearing the uterus of old blood clots which mess up our hormones. It naturally balances hormones so it is ideal for hormonal acne. I usually break out before and during my period but this time I did not. Nor did I have any pms lol. Sorry guys way too much info. Anyway, I buy wheatgrass powder from amazon and drink that morning and night. I'm excited to see what all it does for me in a month's time, but I just wanted to share my success so far. If you go to Jamba Juice or smoothie king a shot of wheatgrass juice costs about 2 or 3 bucks, which is way better than buying all those chemicals that damage the skin from the outside. I'm trying to heal mine from the inside out:)

And no this is NOT spam lol I just really like grass evidently. ;)

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