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Hormonal Acne On Guys? (Breakout All Over Chin And Jawline)

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I am a 29 year old woman and have run the gauntlet of treatments. I have severe acne conglobata. It got so bad in a matter of 7 days that I was hospitalized. I feel hurt that it is being assumed that I would rather poison myself than try to change my diet and supplement plan. As I said before, I HAVE been eating organic, non-processed, HEALTHY, premium foods...for years! I'm open to hearing out the purported internal causes for acne, because I am desperately searching for an explanation and a cure! I consider myself well-educated and feel it is healthy to weigh all sides of an argument like AKL is suggesting. I always try to research and ask questions before putting anything into my body or going onto a treatment plan. I don't even like to take IB profen unless I have to!

I am not saying that the claims of an internal cause and cure for acne are wrong. I'm simply stating that just like accutane isn't a fit for everyone, neither is a homeopathic diet. For me eating healthy and exercise hasn't (and still isn't) working to cure my acne. For others, perhaps medications are not a feasible option. I just please ask that we all learn to respect the opinions and decisions of others going through this physically and emotionallly taxing battle with acne without attacking and frightening those of us who are attempted to select a treatment plan that we feel is the best option for us. Most of us are intelligent people who have tried to weigh all of our options before selecting a plan that we feel will allow us to heal and eventually attain fuller lives, free from the constant pain and fear of social ostracization that many with severe acne face on a daily basis.

I take accutane, not because I am stupid or brainwashed or want to induce poison into my system. I take it because I want to lay my face on a pillow at night and not wake up in the morning to find it covered in blood and pus, my face throbbing and itchy, stuck to the fibers. I take it because I get tired of explaining my situation to curious children who mean no harm, but whose questions still cut like a knife. I take it so that I can eat and laugh without stabbing pains as pustules crack open and begin the vicious cycle of draining, crusting, and re-inflamming themselves all over again. I take it so I can comfortably go out in public and do the simple things most people take for granted, like grocery shopping or seeing a movie without fear of running into someone I know or catching a stranger staring or whispering at me when, for a breif moment, I've forgotten to focus on covering up my face as best I can with my long hair.

I'm not trying to poison myself, I'm trusting medical doctors who have spent over a decade in medical school to help guide me into to making the choice that is right for MY individual body. I am trusting the FDA to provide me with a drug that meets their quality standards. I do it because I so desperately what to regain my sense of identity again. I want to live, love, and laugh like I used to. I'm tired of a swollen face! When I look in the mirror, I simply want to see ME looking back!

I hope what I have said does not offend any others. Like I mentioned before, I just want to explain why I have chosen to go down the path that I am on and take a drug like accutane that does have a long list of potentially harmful side effects. I am glad that a moderator has become involved in this thread to help calm down the vitriol a bit. I wish all the others suffering with severe, persistent acne the best of luck and hope you will find the path that will lead you to ultimate success in battling the demon that is acne! Remember in the end to ask questions and stay informed to ensure that you are ultimately doing what you feel is right and what makes you most comfortable and confident. Good luck to all suffering from this condition and seeking answers and hope in moving forward!!

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