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I Used Clean&clear - Then Became Allergic To It

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In April, I bought this Clean and Clear gel. It worked fantastic at first... I have very oily skin so it took care of that, and my acne disappeared within weeks. Then I got a very bad sunburn (I used a cheap sunscreen that in contact with the sun burned my skin) and since then the gel is pretty much useless to me, because when I apply it, within a couple of hours that area becomes slightly swollen, red and it itches.

I'm afraid to try different products for my face because I don't want to waste money on something I'll end up allergic to, my skin is so sensitive. Right now I'm using some Nivea products which are sort of helping (I just wash my face with regular soap and then apply the Nivea medicine in the morning and before I go to sleep).... I wanted to try Neutrogena, would that be a good choice? I just need something really gentle for my skin.

I guess I have mild acne, mostly on my right cheek, and a couple of spots on my forehead. I've had skin issues since I was 12, and I'm 18.... this is getting really aggravating.

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