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I have finally decided to take the steps toward clearing up my mild/moderate acne as well as some scarring that I have. I went to see my derm. yesterday and he prescribed clindamycin, both the pill and the gel. I heard that it dries out the skin so I wanted to know what would be an appropriate regimen while I am on this medication. I currently use clean & clear morning burst facial cleanser which I might stop using while on this medicine because it has fragrance in it as well as other things that probably won't mix well with the gel. I also use clean & clear dual action moisturizer. I have been told that cetaphil is a good choice, but I am not too sure. Also, the instructions say to use the gel twice a day but I am thinking that I should start off using it only at night just to see how I react to it. Any thoughts???confused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gif

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I have just completed a course of accutane which dries out the skin to the max, I found that E45 cream was the best out of the bunch I tried. If your lips get dry then get one of Nivea's lip balms. The ones that come in a pot like vaseline. They have many different flavours, mines is rasperry and its lovely. I only discovered this stuff nearing the end of my treatment and it is by far the best for staying put on your lips. Vaseline etc I found just slides off after minutes and you're constantly having to re-apply. Hope this helps x

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Here's to accutane making me a happier person!

Month 1: 30mg

Month 2: 70mg

Month 3: 70mg

Month 4: 70mg


Moisturisers - E45 Cream & Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream

Lips - Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm (amazing!)

Wash - Pampers Baby Wipes

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