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Hey everyone. I'm 15 and suffer from acne, as you might expect. I started to get it at around 13 years of age and it has gradually progressed since. I do not have SEVERE acne, as I don't have any cysts. My face is not full to the brim of pimples but it does have a good few. The thing is, my acne isn't BAD as I only have around 2 or 3 barely noticeable white heads and most of the pimples are simply small bumps.

What I really suffer from is how red my face is. When I was 13 and barely getting acne, through out the next 2 years I picked and popped my pimples a ton. THAT IS where I messed up, obviously. I get pimples mostly around my cheek and the thing is, its very red and I know its because of how much I used to pick at them. I feel that if I did not have such a red face, my acne wouldn't be as bad as it looks. From far away, it looks terrible but up close it gradually looks better, you know what everyone's said before. I'm mostly here to find a cure for my redness. Having acne would be much less stressful if I could find SOME way to lessen, if not get rid of the redness around my face. Any suggestions would be appreciated everyone! I really look forward to hearing all your stories and help. Its been really tough. To see myself in the mirror and go out into the world and see all these teens with great complexions, makes a person pretty bummed out. I tell you, I get really depressed and sad when I see my face. Its a battle going out daily. But, I'm prepared to accept help and deal with it.

I've tried a lot of stuff, lately I have been using JAFRA products. I heard the Royal Jelly helps a lot to lessen redness, and I've seen some improvement but its been around a month and a half, I don't know if I should continue or not! Recently, a friend gave me a bottle of Cetaphil face wash and told me he uses it. Hes got a great complexion and I'm considering switching over from JAFRA to Cetaphil. But I'd love to hear your guys opinion. I know this is a pretty long introduction, but I feel that we can all relate to each other. So....thanks for reading and I'd love some help! smile.png

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