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Just Another Sad Acne Story

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Hey, I've decided to write my acne story here because I think people here understand more than anyone else whats it like to have suffer from acne. I wanna make my story as summarized as possible, okay so lets begin...I believe I started to get acne when I was about 12 years old I think it was due to puberty and all that hormonal stuff an well I wasnt really worried about it . It could have also been because my dad also suffered from it or because I had an unhealthy diet at 12 I was overweight and ate a bunch of junk food. At 13 I began using proactive which could have been possibly a huge mistake because my skin got so used to it. I used it for 4 years with okay results at times i mean my acne was never gone but it could be almost unnoticeable with makeup on. Last year I was on an extended vacation in Mexico and ran out of it and immediately started breaking out in my cheek, jaw and chin but before i ran out of it i noticed that for some reason it didnt work as well anymore therefore I used other topicals with no results and 2 months passed before I could get ahold of it I used it again and suprisee it didnt work and instead made my inflamed and I got cystic acne that had me in pain both physically and mentally. I went to the dermatologist in October last year for the first time he prescribed me retin-a, benzaclin which over time got switched to aczone because proactive made me intolerant to bp and the generic brand of bactrim and walaaa my skin after about 4 months was completely i mean like never before clear for about six more months. I have come up with different theories of why it came back first because i started using sun block, second because I went to the beach and spent about three hours under the sun, and third because a couple months before my derm changed me to doxycicline 100mg which is less potent than bactrim 800mg. So as the time progressed my acne became worse and worse until my two cheeks were covered completely with huge bumps that hurt and took a long time to heal and left dark red scars. I tried differin, combined with acanya and minocycline for about 3 months with no success expect for the fact that it worsened my already ugly condition. I started hearing things like birth control, and accutane but I must confess I am a coward mainly because of my parents pressure to not try it and because if you think about it Ive read a bunch of success stories with accutane but I've also read a bunch of bad side effects stories and also that acne comes back after a while in some cases so here i was with this dilemma, not wanting to go out to the street like never , a became a loner and isolated myself from everybody and tried at all possible to avoid any eye to eye contact with other so that i wont see they are looking at my acne. If you are waiting for a happy ending well its not here or at least not until now at this time I am trying tazorac , aczone and oracea and to be honest its like 5% better at times I am on my first month and I honestly pray to God every night that one day he might grant me the miracle of clearing my face and erasing the sour , depressed feeling I have in my heart this may sound like overreacting but I have suffered so much that nothing is too much anymore. Oh by the way im a 19 girl with the future ahead of her only waiting for acne to go away to begin her journey.

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