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New To Novo-Spiroton, Some Questions?

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First of all, is this 'spironolactone' the same thing as Novo-Spiroton?

Not exactly new, actually, I was prescribed a 3-month supply (it's 25mg) on October 19, but I'm horrible at remembering to take them, so I have a near-full bottle. I wasn't given much information or instructions, so hopefully you guys can help answer some questions my derm was clearly too preoccupied and busy to deal with.

The only instructions I got were actually from the pharmacist I went to for the pills, and they said to take one every morning, with a meal. Now, the reason why I'm so bad at remembering to take them is because my mornings are pretty rushed, and it's so easy for me to forget to take them. Is there a reason why it has to be taken specifically in the morning? I feel like I would do much better with remembering if I can take them everyday at lunch or dinner, but the bottle is just so clearly labelled with "every morning" I feel like there's a specific reason for it.

So yeah, my main question is just that, can I take it at a different time of day?

Also, is consistency necessary? Like would it be bad if I took one at 10AM one day, and then 3PM the next? I know it's not ideal, but right now, I'm just taking one whenever I remember.

Sometimes I also skip a day or so, if I completely forget. What would be the effect of that? Like right now I'm seeing no difference in my skin or anything at all, but I'm just attributing that to my horrid timing and schedule. The only other thing I am taking is Differin, also started on the same day.

Thank you for reading.

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