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Using The Regimen Specific As Possible

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Ok i'm pretty sure i wont be the only one who has these questions, so ill get straight to it.

1. How warm should the water i use to wash my face with be? And how warm is too warm?

2. Is it ok to wash and use the cleansing step during my shower and will it irritate my skin if i let the shower hose

run water directly on my face?

3. If i only clean my face with the cleanser for less than 10 second, how is that enough time for the cleanser to work?

4. When i use the mosturizer, even after an hour or more after i finished all 3 steps (cleaning, treatment, mosturizer)

would it be ok to just use only the mosturizer for daily flakiness? (like when i smile or something and it seems like

the skin around my mouth is breaking)

5. the AHA+ treatment, after 1 month of the treatment, do i use that after my mosturizer or instead of my mosturizer?

6. For any of the following bottles, (BP , mosturizer, AHA+, or jojoba oil) do i have to use a sunscreen? and if so

how strong?

7. I hope im not the only one with this situation but, i sometime get a pimple on the outside of my nostril. are there

specific steps, on using the regimin for that area?

Thanks in advance for helping me and others who might have these questions.

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