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Sick Of The Pity.

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Hi all, this is my first post. I've visited this site many times looking for advice, treatments, etc...but tonight I am here to vent. I am getting tired of feeling pittied. Everytime i go to work or hang with friends i can feel them looking at my skin. Whenever i visit my mother she studies my face..feeling bad for me. I am also sick of her suggesting different estheticians...derms...products...I mean, here i am trying to be confident and tell myself that my acne does NOT define who i am....but how can i do that when i know everyone around me feels bad for me? I am 30 years old....and have had mild/severe cystic acne for 8 years now. I've tried everything. Really...everything. I've come to the conclusion that i will have acne until i am wrinkled. I have lost the best youthful looking years of my life to this disease.

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