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Should I See An Endocrinologist?

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So, after nearly 9 years of battling persistent moderate acne and visiting 3-4 dermatologists over this span, I am debating seeing a n endocrinologist for my suspected hormonal acne.

My acne is not severe but it is pretty moderate and very persistent.Over these 9 years I have tried numerous topicals, 3 different birth control pills and spironolactone for almost a year and a half. Some of these kept my acne at bay, but nothing has completely cleared my skin or even almost cleared it for that matter. I've done hours and hours of research and from what I can best determine is that I more than likely have some sort of hormonal imbalance that is contributing to my acne. I also suspect seborrheic dermatitis as I have oily yet flaky areas on my face as well. I break out around my menstrual cycle, and it's usually on my chin. In fact, I ALWAYS have a pimple or 2 on my chin. Near my menstrual cycle I usually get a couple of nodules on my chin, while the rest of the month they are usually regular zits that need to be popped. I also have been breaking out on my forehead with very small red/ some flesh colored pimples that never come to a head...not sure what thats about.

Have any of you seen an endocrinologist for your hormone/skin issues? Any advice, thoughts, insight?

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Hey there! I started getting acne around my chin at age 19 and I'm now 31 and it's still a problem. I just saw an endo on Tuesday and it was very worthwhile. It's sort of cathartic to go through your whole history with someone and try to really get to the bottom of things - like therapy haha. I have already had a lot of bloodwork and ultrasounds done I was able to give him, and we are exploring a few more options with some more bloodwork. I would recommend it because it could definitely reveal underlying issues. I've spent hours educating myself on hormones and what my numbers mean, and this doctor knew what it all meant in a second. Much easier! And finding an answer will give you peace of mind so you can stop obsessing over why. Once you know your problem, then you'll know better how to treat it.

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I saw my OBGYN before seeing an endocrinologist. My OBGYN was able to order the hormone tests and when they came back abnormal she referred me to an endocrinologist. I think this is the normal route. You could see an endocrinologist but it might be a waste of both of your time if all of the results come back normal.


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Yes I have. I have pcos.

I control my acne with Bp & a low gi diet.

Please only PM me if it's something that cannot be talked about on the thread or is highly personal. This way, everyone benefits.

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