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Please Estimate My Variation Of The Regimen.

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Hello everyone,

I've read about the Regimen long time ago, and I actually used kind of variation of it, and it really helped keep my acne at the bay. Afterwards, I quitted using it because I was too lazy to apply bp gel and every day. It didn't become bad after I quitted, but acne on my cheeks became slighly worse. Although, acne on my forehead, nose and chin has completely disappeared and never came back. Also the left cheek looks okay with only occasional blemishes at the bottom of it along the jaw line,while my right cheek is pretty bad.

So I decided to follow a new variation of the regimen.

Morning - nothing, no water, no nothing (I'm actually very lazy in the morning, all I can force myself to do is to wash my hair).

Night - cleanser, bp lotion on my right cheek and jawline of left cheek. No moisturizer because I hate them.

Does it look like a good kind of regimen?

Also what if i don't use any cleanser at all. It would be easier to just rinse with water before applying bp.

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Hi..some people just okay with the use of only water to wash face. For me, i do use a cleanser (cetaphil gentle cleanser) because it is free-soap type. And yeah i live in tropical country, so water is not enough for my face, totally not! Lol. But it does depends on your daily activities too. Anyway, for me, moisturize our face is one of the important step after applying the bp. Although i do have the oily skin but after applying the bp, my skin really needs the moisture. i use appricot oil free spf 15 moisturizer.

hey i hope this does help a little (:

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