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Mild Acne Of Folicilitus On The Sides Of Face Help Pls! Atopic Blood Levels High

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Hi I just joined this forum becuase i am sick and tired of having this acne, I recently went to a derm and was given soo little help. I was told to deworm, get blood tests and buy a specific soap from a pharmacy. the soap which i have been using is mainly just sulfur and it dries the hell outta my face! It has worked slightly and my acne clear up very little, but what frustrates me the most is the whiteheads that always appear on the side of my face. I only have acne from the sides of my face down to my chin. And of course on my forehead, but mostly on my face. I have a few whiteheads on the forehead but the most are on the face. I got my blood tests back and was told my atopic blood levels are high ( i have no idea what it means) I need to see the derm again but my mom cannot afford to take me again, so it will have to wait. Im also not sure if i have folicilitus? please can you guys help e out here, it seems this derm doesnt know much of what she is doing and want my skin to be clear for december holidays! Oh and btw my skins got to the worst after I went for a fourth facial ( i have stop the facials) I am 16 years old and am a male, i have stopped shaving aswell just incase it is a problem with the razor or cream which i was using

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