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Getting Completely Clear

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Dear acne sufferers,

I want to start by saying that this is not a sales gimic. I will even guarentee you that I will not mention any specific brands for the sake of realism.

First i'll introduce myself to you guys, as I am new to this forum.

My name is Tod and I have been suffering from acne since I was 15 (I am now 20). I used to get persistent cheak and forehead acne but at about the age of 17 it moved mostly to my jawline and a little on my cheeks and around my mouth. Of course I still had them appear every now and then everywhere else but that's where most of it migrated to. I have been to the dermatologist and was proscribed epiduo and some other pills that I cant remember the name of but forget about it because it didnt work for me. Not a bit. I have been thousends of dollars deep in products that cleanse the surface level of your skin. products like proactive, xout ect. While I would get the hype of clear skin when getting a new product I was always dissapointed at the results just like most of you have been through. I began reading forum after forum and study after study and realized that most scientific evidence lead to the conclusion that acne come from within your body. We read about the food we should eat and the foods we should completely avoid. there are very few to no studies that prove on the skin treatment of any brand or sort has really done much good. If acne comes from in the body (like most studies suggest) then why are we spending so much money on products that just stay on the outside? I am big into looking up everything I do and by on the internet for opinions about acne. Its much easier to read about a mistake or "money waster" coming from someone else then having to go through it yourself. for the past 2 years I have been looking on the internet almost every for a couple hours abut acne and the solutions. I have become very educated on the topic through experiences of mine and other people. I was never into any pills as my body is something that I choose not to mess with so I always stuck to external solutions. Those never working for me obviously. About 2 months ago i stumbled across something most of you have heard of and its the B5 pantothenic acid. Since I was positive through research that acne comes from within I thought I'd try something that actually went into my body. Since B5 is water soluble your body uses what it needs and the left over comes out in waste (pee). I began to study about it like I normally do and I have never in my 1000+ hours of my acne research have come across so many success stories in a product since acutane. Pages filled with people getting rid of their acne through the mega-dose of pantothenic acid. Im not sure where I was reading but there is a study about using B5 for acne that used tons of acne patients given B5 and the success they had. Ill try to find that for you guys it was very interesting. Forum after forum of happy people from all over excited on their combat and win against the dreadful acne. But, even reading I was still very optimistic as I have been let down in the past many times before. I bought a bottle of pantothenic acid a month ago today. I've been taking 20 500mg pills a day. 5 when I wake up, 5 during lunch, 5 at dinner, and 5 before bed. I know it may seem like a ton but its actually not that bad. about a week into this regimine I started noticing probably 60-70 percent less pimples. But since acne comes in waves I though it just might be coincidence. I kept taking it improving to about 80-90 percent less in week 2 and between week 2 and week 3 I didnt have a single new pimple pop up on my face! I have missed school because of my acne, I have avoided girls, ive sat further away from people in class, I have walked around covering my face so when these results were true I was the happies man in the world. Of course I still have some scaring and red areas but that sure as hell beats inflamation and white zits on your face everyday! I could not beleive how well its working. I month in I am completely clear of any new spots of acne. Its the best feeling in the world. People have noticed me smiling a lot more and being more of myself and open. I have gotten tons of positive compliments regarding my attitude. You guyshave researched almost every single acne solution out there and never in my life have I seen so much success. Take it from me and PLEASE go get yourself a bottle of B5, you WILL not regret it. I'm not going to go into details on how it works becuase you can google it and get a way better explanation then I could ever give you. Since starting it I have changed to washing my face once every 4 days! B5 keeps your oil production down so its not needed. Washing your face is still something that I recommend but with chemicals scrubbing your face day and night we all know that can't be good for your skin. TAKE IT FROM ME AND PLEASE GO BUY SOME PANTOTHENIC ACID. You'll end up paying about 40 dollars a month for this regimine but IT IS WORTH IT! Once your acne goes completely away I have been told and have read that you can go to a lower "maintenance" dose of about half of what you start with. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go buy some pantothenic acid. I know how it is to suffer from acne and this can HELP!! Its important to stay consistent with your doses but I know you can do it! I know there are a lot of threads like this out there but i cannot stress it enough!


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