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Differin Expired?

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Hey everyone,

I just finished up accutane and my derm wants me to continue with a retinoid for 6 months after. He prescribed me Veltin which is tretinoin and clindamycin because I've been getting a little bit of follicultis on my chin from shaving and the clindamycin is helpful with that. I really don't want to intruduce 2 varibales though so I'm thinking of using an old tube of differin.

I opened this tube almost 2 years ago, but it doesn't expire for another 6 months. I'm concerned that it wont be good after being exposed to air for 2 years. Do you think it's okay?

Started Clavaris 5/21/2012 for chin cysts and cystic acne on my back. I'm a 21yr old male with sensitive combination skin (extremely oily t-zone). Been on antibiotics for 18 months and remained fairly clear on my face but my back is still breaking out, and the antibiotic is losing affetiveness on face.

Month 1: 50 mg/day 5/21/2012
Month 2: 50 mg/day
Month 3: 60 mg/day
Month 4: 60 mg/day
Month 5: 60 mg/day
Month 6: 60 mg/day
FINISHED: 150 mg/kg

Routine: AM: - cleanser

- DML Mousturizer
- Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar for Body

- Gillete Sensor Excel w/ Acne/org cleanser
- Aquaphor on lips
- Cerave AM Mousturizer SPF (when outside)

PM: - cleanser
- DML Mousturizer
- Veltin (clindamycin & tretinoin) Topical on T zone

Other: - Limited dairy(for digestive reasons and acne)
- Good, balanced diet (limited fried food and sugar)
- Heavy weight training & Cardio 5x per week
- Calcium/Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Multivitamin Supplements

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Prescription formulas are often more stable than OTC products. The retinoid itself (adapalene) is inherently more stable than standard tretinoin. It could last several months past its expiration date while still maintaining its effectiveness, as these dates are ballpark estimates. Of course, it depends if you've been properly storing your retinoid, too. If it did expire a few years ago then you could expect some decrease in effectiveness, but maybe not detectable to your eye (computer imaging could pick it up, though).

Retinoids + antibacterials are more effective against acne and are more effective than retinoids alone, and if it has been helping your follicultis and acne you should probably continue with that instead of going back to your Differin!

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