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Quick Vbeam Question

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I just had my second purpura vbeam done three days ago (still very nervous about it even though it is my second time), and my question is if it is okay that I am getting a small papule on the site of one of the bruises? I mean will it damage the healing of the bruise? I know there is nothing I can put on it because that will aggravate the bruise and slow the healing, but I was just curious if this way okay or even normal. Thanks all!

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A tiny rash or a papule or two is common with laser treatments, and will most often go away on their own. If it doesn't it is likelier herpes simplex. If you've had a history with herpes simplex (cold sores), you'd be on antiviral medications before you started treatment. Are you on antivirals for cold sores?

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I had Pulse Dye Laser this year and i got break out through my bruising.

I would speak to either your DR or Laser Therapist.

Get on an anti-biotics ASAP to help with healing.

In my case i needed up on Roaccutane coz my break out flared up from the laser.

But thats just me you will most likely be fine just watch that there isnt break out.

Acne vulgaris from puberty. Roaccutane from 21.
Vbeam laser damaged my skin at 39

Scars and made me break out again.
Don't ever use this laser!!

Or any really unless its a

Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon

that is performing the procedure.
Only way to avoid scarring and breakout was roaccutane.
Started Roaccutane August 2012 Finished Roaccutane in June 2013.

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