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Large Hypertrophic Knee Scar

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I had a freak accident one and a half years ago during Spring 2011. I treated the wounds with mainly neosporin and hydrogen peroxide (bad idea). Here is what my scars looked like after one half year of the accident. 1wtB5.jpg & 1EbUc.jpg

Since then I had steroid injections on them and I've used scar gel sheets from the local pharmacy store. I've tried to refrain from drinking alcohol a lot and stopped smoking. Right now after 1 1/2 years approximately my scars look like this:



These latter pics make the scars look better than what it actually is. For my left knee, the scars are still elevated to the point that when i kneel down on a hard surface with that knee, the pressure causes pain. In addition under cold temperature, the scars get bigger. The best appearances are when right after I remove my silicone gel sheets and after a hot shower. I'm wondering if there's anyway to reduce my pain completely from the elevated scars further. I'm not as much bothered by the redness as much as the effect on my mobility ( kneeling down, physical discomfort) What should I do now? Continue using scar gel sheets? (they seem to not have much effect anymore in lowering the elevation) I'm thinking about using cocoa butter formula( palmer's) instead of scar gel sheets since its cheaper, the scar gel sheets easily loses its tackiness when I wear long pants (the fabric fibers stick onto them easily)


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