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Has Anyone Used "happy Me - Overnight Pimple Eliminator"?

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So I've been having persistently having acne pop up on my face,

and it's not the "normal" acne where it comes every month, every so often, or rarely,

it's like I get a new cyst every week or every few days, along with more blackheads, zits, white heads, you name it.

Anyways..I figured I'd use the product "Happy Me - Overnight Pimple Eliminator" to try to heal my cysts faster,

and it didn't really work "overnight" like they said it would..and it certainly didn't eliminate it.

It has Sesame Seed Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and many other natural ingredients in it.

It didn't burn or itch going onto m skin, but I see absolutely no improvement.

So my question is, has anyone used this exact product?

And if so..what were your results from it and/or thoughts about it?

If anyone can answer, it'd be much appreciated! :)


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I've never even heard of it but It probably takes a few nights for something like this to clear cysts. Its probably just like little whiteheads that it heals overnight. All of those ingredients are proven to clear acne so I would keep using it and see what happen.

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