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Is Brevoxyl 4% Suitable For Scars?

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hey guys, i've read a lot of positive reviews on Brevoxyl 4% cream and i'm definetely going to give it a try... i have light acne but a lot of scars on my face and i wanted to know if this cream can help me get rid of my scars... or is it only for acne vulgaris??? plz reply as i really want my face to become clear and free of those scars( i mostly have them on my forehead due to a breakout and one or two on my cheeks...)..

so plz reply...

also when i apply the cream, should i spread the cream and massage it on only the affected areas??? will it 'burn the other unaffected skin', that is the clear skin without any acne or scars(if that makes sense..)???But plz i really wanna know.. i dont want to make my skin condition worse...

i would prefer answers from people who've already used this cream and seen and improvement with their scars... plz reply..

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