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sjca Was Not Wort It

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Hi guys i just want to say that ive been suffering from acne for the last 12 yrs it all started when i was11yrs old...anyways now im 23 i have used every product you can imagine starting with proactive obviusly it didnt work time a girl i know asked me what do i use for my acne, it is so embarrising when people comment about your ugly acne ...anyways so she told me that she started to get some pimples and that her cousin was suffering worse acne than me was using some acne products from beauticontrol so my friend give it a try and truly reccomended me the same, i was so scared to try it out speccially because the price its almost $100 well let me tell you it was the best product within two weeks i saw a big difference so i kept using it but i quite because i ran out of the products so fast and its ssio expensive to i decidet to use far the only difference im seen its more huge pimples and in areas that i didnt have had in a couple of years and people says that your face would get dry but for me it got so much oily and every time i get ichy the next day i see a couple new pimples and now i regret so much buying this product i should of stayed with the product that had already made my face clear all i want to say that if you are one of those people that didnt work on you then i strongly suggest to try beauticontrol i even still use their make up its a miracle you can online at its wort the money and im going back to it and stick with that product and stop using :)

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