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My Shopping Cart

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Hi everybody! This is a list of things that I recently bought at the store.

Almond milk $4

Brown Rice $5

Salad Mix $3

(2) Frozen fruit at $2.50 a bag (on sale).

Canned Green beans $1.05 a can (roughly)

Canned peas & Carrots $1.00 a can (roughly)

Canned Beans (Kidney) $1.00 a can (roughly).

Bananas 68 cents a pound.

Fugi apples a $1 a pound (bought $2 worth).

Hummus $5 each, spend $10.

Bell Pepper two for $1

Cellery (around a dollar).

Please feel free to comment, add to, subtract anything from my shopping cart.

Have a good day!

Avocadoes (3 for $3).

PS am on a budget. Tight budget.

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