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The Revolutionary New Treatment: Sebaceous Gland Ablation

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Apologies for the melodramatic title but I wanted to draw some attention to this new procedure. For those unaware, google it & you'll find out about it. I'm based in Sydney, Australia & it's only recently become available here. However I understand it's been around in Japan & Korea for quite some time.

Ideally I'm after responses from people who have had or are having this treatment (5-6 are required for the "alleged" outcome of permanently break-out free skin). Sounds too good to be true doesn't it but that's why I'd like to hear from people trying this. I have had three treatments & have not noticed any profound effects, although I have been told I won't notice any until I complete the course.

I'm using this treatment for pesky blackheads on my nose & forehead & as a last resort really as I've tried most other things out there. Would love to hear from anyone.

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