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Just To Clarify Something About Aquaphor By Eucerin

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A lot of people on here recommend the use of Eucerin creams and lotions for very dry skin. The ingredient in Eucerin responsible for its emulsifying properties is lanolin - natural lanolin, not artificial lanolin [which is highly comedogenic] - was developed by the now dead, old owner of Nivea, Oskar Troplowitz. Nivea Creme, the original, contains almost identical ingredients to Eucerin Aquaphor lotions.

However, the cheapest Aquaphor product in the UK is around £6 in the shops. You can buy a 50ml pot of Nivea Creme for £1.20 or even less.

For American members, unfortunately this won't be a lot of help as Nivea Creme you can get, is manufactured in Mexico and contains different ingredients. Only Nivea Creme manufactured in Germany has the ingredients you want, which can only be bought in Europe. I think you can buy it online as well but I imagine it's expensive.

I thought I'd just let you all know!

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