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Wrinkling And Scarring?

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Ok so 3 weeks ago I quit using enthroymcin and benzoyl peroxide topical gel because the stupid dermatogolist told me to put it ALL OVER my face, including the spots that were fine, and it just made it worse. So I stopped going to him after using the cream for a month to no avail.

I went to Walgreens and got myself Clean n Clear 3-in-1 Advantage Cleanser which exfoliates, prevents breakouts and treats pimples.

So over the 2 week course I've been using it, here's what happened:

First week:

I started seeing changes to my skin, it felt cleaner and lighter.

Second week:

Dryness started occuring, but it was really working..

Third week:

To come.

Basically, it would make the pimples turn into whiteheads, after 2-3 days, they would dry and fall off after washing or after patting my face dry with a towel. Then it would turn into a red flat mark.

How long would it take for this red mark to go away completely? Because it isn't scarring, its just the aftermath of a treated pimple.

Also, I got wrinkles around my eyes, and I've been using the cleanser around my eyes too.. I stopped doing it around my eyes just yesterday, but I need to know if these will fade because it's from the BP. I've been doing it for around 2 solid weeks.

Also, will the drying eventually fade away because I look like a snake shedding each morning of school after applying the cleanser.

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