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How Should I Go About This Regimen?

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So I've been using .05 Tretinoin cream for about 4-5 months now. The results are definitely present, but VERY slow. I have a lot of red post hyperpigmentation. I'm caucasian, my skin is quite white, but I wouldn't call myself pale.

Tonight I'm starting .1 Tretinoin, but I'm also adding in a 2% hydroquinone cream. Do you think this will take a long time to reach results?

I'm thinking about applying the hydroquinone with a q tip on the certain (and numerous) marks I have, rather than spread it all over my whole face, Do you think this is a good idea?

Also, should I apply the hydroquinone first, or the retin first, in terms of order?

Any tips, advice, or experiences on this new regimen I'm taking up would be greatly appreciated...

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I read somewhere on website that you should apply hydroquinone first, then wait 20-30 mins to apply tretinoin.

Some people use hight % vitamin c lotion / serum for hyperpigmentation. That case, the order is : vitamin c -> hydroquinone -> tretinoin.

I've been using tretinoin for 5.5 weeks, and I sometimes apply Lumixyl on scars before applying tretinoin. The scars seem fading faster.

Hope it helps you.

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