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Glycolic Acid Peel And Aha+ Questions

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I am now 5 weeks at Dan's Regimen and acne free!

Final its finish!

Over 12 years is to much! now I am free of this shit acne.

Before I hat every week 2 new pimples and white heads and shit

if one have die other cames back for his revanche..

I have use as men cover products like like acne cover sticks

or make-up powder to make this shit invisible

Have feel me terrible and like shit

like everyone look at my skin

I have try everything spend so much money in my skin

visit doctors and shit lol...

Now its done! Cleanser every morning/ night with cold water then BP

starting in first week with a half pump then next week 1 pump

week 3 one and a half and week 4 full dosage of 2

after this moisturizer with 6 drops of jojoba oil

I want now fade my red marks.

For this i have AHA+ here but I don't know..

I have use it 4 times now i read everywhere it make the skin more sensitive

to the sun.. it destroy a layer on the skin right? if I stop using it this layer on the skin

comes back or its destroyed for ever and I need al time sun cream?

AHA+ fade red marks like i have read here everywhere but

it takes long... i want not wait 9 months or something.

So i have read here and there in tis forum and found a new product

called Aqua Glycolic Facial Cleanser

posted by Joey.

Aqua Glycolic is amazing. Now, I've been using it three days and while it hasn't made my red marks amazingly disappear, it softened my skin and reduced the constant flush look of my cheeks. Which in turn, makes them look a lot better.

First Day, I put it on and noticed that all my active acne was red. I was disheartened and just felt like shit after that point.

Second Day, about the same thing, my face didnt look much better but I strived on since I figured I had no other product to really try.

Third Day, I woke up this morning and noticed a lot of white skin where my red marks were, and my active acne is about gone. Amazing. I'm hoping to keep this up and see how it does for me. I'll keep this updated with pictures, so everyone can see my results before jumping into use of the product. surprised.gif

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From what I know of AHA's, it does strip away a very thin layer - it's a chemical exfoliant. The sunscreen is recommended because of that. It doesn't permanently destroy the top layer - your skin is always regenerating cells and skin on top of itself.

AHA can be useful in reducing red marks by continually removing the top layer of scarring on marks. It's better for mild marks (usually AHA's aren't enough for reducing actual scarring), and lots of members have had success with it.

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Using 8-10% AHA facial moisturizers daily, should fade your marks within 7 weeks, give or take a few weeks.

You will not have to wait 9 months, but if you did wait 9 months, the marks would probably fade on their own!

As for the glycolic acid cleansers, I don't think they do very much. But you could try them, just make sure it doesn't get into your eyes.


Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Grapefruit

Aveeno Clear Complexion Moisturizer

Vichy Sunscreen SPF 30


Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Grapefruit

Ren AHA Resurfacing Concentrate

Occasional Treatments

European Clay Mask

Lemon Juice topically


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Thank you Elsewhere I was a bit worried about if the AHA "destroy" my skin because of the acid

inside of this product... Would be VERY bad if they destroy a layer who is needed to be save from

sun and some UV lamps...

If the AHA+ only remove the layer for the for a temporary time and lose for this period

the shield then its okay...

and for the cleanser Rati, go here and read:

I think this cleaner works... many people have great results with him.

He have just less % as a peel and need some weeks...

Anyone here who made the peel and can write something about his results with red marks?

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I used AHA+ for 3 weeks in the summer. As a result I now have about 7-8 dark acne scars on my head that won't go away. I would dump the AHA+ in the toilet if I could go back in time.

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