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Seb Derm Solution, It Worked For Me So...

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Hey everyone, I'm a long time reader and first time poster here at I've suffered with acne and more recently (2-3 years) with Seborrheic Dermatitis on my face, sides of my nose and around my eyebrows.

Name is David, I'm 24 and from Dublin, Ireland. Since I was about 15 I've suffered with acne, I went through some bad chest, neck and back acne between the ages of around 17-22, I went through everything except Roaccutane. Over the last year or two it seems to be diminishing, my back is nearly free of acne, I still get the odd pimples on my neck and a few on the face, but nothing that causes me too much trouble.

Anyway, the reason I came here today is to provide the info on how I managed to really reduce my seb derm and pretty much STOP flare ups!

I used (and still use) plain old Head and Shoulders shampoo on my face. I started this at the beginning of August this year (4 months ago), and now, it still works! Maybe it'll work for someone else after reading this, mine got so bad and red and dry that I was willing to try anything, so if nothings working for you maybe just give this a shot, I saw a slight increase in redness over the first 4 or 5 days, but after week one It really diminished and hasn't come back in it's old full blown way! Touch wood it stays away for good!

Here's what I did so maybe you can follow this and give it a try! And no, honestly, I don't work for Head and Shoulders! rolleyes.gif

Step 1: Wash your face with plain old warm water, a simple splash and rub with your hands is all. NO SOAP or products!

Step 2: Take a small amount of Head and Shoulders Classic shampoo in your hand

Step 3: Rub it on the areas affected into a lather

Step 4: Let it sit there for 4-5 minutes, listen to a good song on your phone or radio as you wait! Chill!

Step 5: Rinse it off with WATER only and pat your face dry with a towel, GENTLY!

That's it! Literally has worked for me and I'm so happy about it! I tried so many things, steroid creams, washes etc, nothing has worked like this has! If you haven't tried it and it's really getting to you, please try it, it might do the same for you, and if you do try it, stick with it for 2 weeks at least, give it a good go!

The ingredient that seems to do the job is ZINC PYRITHIONE! Google it and do a bit of reading up on it, some good articles and research into the effects it has on seb derm!

Anyway, just wanted to share in the hope that I can help someone else, I was lucky enough to come across this treatment method so I might as well spread the word!

Stay strong folks!


Also sorry, I forgot to mention that I've cut my use of head and shoulders on my face down to every other day now, so every 2-3 days I wash with it, the rest of the time I only use WATER! I kept the regime up every day, twice a day for the first 2 weeks, then reduced to once a day for another 4 weeks, then down to every 2 days!

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